Update January 26 2021

We are still closed and hoping that somehow, someway there will be some logic and reason from our governor and we will be allowed to open, following ALL  safety guidelines and protocols (just like we were doing when we were shut down for the second time). 

Right now, we are depending on donations and hopefully another PPP loan to get us through, but it's getting tougher and tougher to make it work. The bills don't stop coming even when our doors are shut. 

Nevertheless.... we are THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for all the community support. We have had a community yard sale, an online craft bazaar and auction, and a GoFundMe fundraiser. Every dime goes in to keeping Eastmont Lanes alive until we can open again. If we have to, we will come up with yet another fundraiser (open to ideas) although I'm not going to lie- I hate asking for money and if there were any other way, I would not do it. I don't want to have yard sales and auctions, I want to be open. But until that can happen, I will continue to rely on the amazing community support that has been shown since March of 2020 when we were forced to close the first time. 


We will fight as long and as hard as we can and we feel blessed to have the Wenatchee Valley behind us, whether it's with donations, kind words, suggestions, or other ways of support.


We are not the only business struggling right now, so please remember to shop local and support all of the small businesses that desperately need our help. 


Thank you- Michelle

Link to Go Fund Me  HERE